Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sea Defense

So after being scared off by the rocky rockyness of the sea monster project I decided to mess about with some methods that might work forthis kind of thing, I decided to go with an awesome concept I found in my inspiration folder, it says crytek on there so I assume it's from the crytek dudes:

The method I ended up using was something fairly crude but effective, a mix of zbrush - meshlab and a nice relaxed unwrap:

Taking this mesh into UDK and vert painting it with different tiling rocks I got a result like this:

The second big challenge was the water, initially I tired some tesselated water but the reflections didnt come out too well as they werent based on the tessleated mesh but instead the low poly. So i went with a more than likely overly complex water shader with additional scrolling wave planes:

Anyway, here is the scene as it stands at the moment:

I will update this in the near future!

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