Monday, 10 December 2012

Next Project: Sea Monster!

The general idea is a 'sea monster washed ashore' scene, a horrid slimey sea monster beached and dead in a small cove along some cliff faced coastline. I am hoping to learn a lot about tessellation on this, as well as trying my hand at some realistic ocean water.
At this point I am unsure as to which engine i will go for but am leaning more towards UDK than the cryengine, simply because I am more comfortable in the udk. Time will tell i suppose!

Anyways here are the references I have slapped together so far.

This is the style of cliff face / coastline I am aiming for:

I am going for a darker / less tropical climate. A very northern coastline.
This is the mood I'm aiming for, edge of a storm / cloudy with light breaking through every now and then:

The water / waves won't be anywhere near as rough as the ones in the mood reference!
The Sea Monster:

I will most likely be leaving this to the very end of the project so that I don't get distracted with it, the shape is enough for now, a big serpent from deep below. Although the image in the bottom right of this ref sheet is a lot like the final mood I'm going for!
Finally here is the block out with a messy paint over thrown in:

the tall box is reference point for size of a human.
The 'small' details like seaweed, crabs, birds, vegetation, weather effects will all hopefully add to the life of the scene.

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